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Hello long lost friends!

I’m finally giving the ‘ol blog here some love.  Summer is simply a more blog friendly time – school ends and my excitement for sharing our Alaskan adventures returns. Summer in Alaska really is too cool not to share after all.

With my passion for blogging/writing/picture taking reignited, I’ve also been considering an offshoot of this here Alaskan Living blog – an Alaskan Teaching blog. But we’ll see. Maybe I should focus on getting this one back up and running first. 😉


Back in March, Piper and I traveled to Arizona to visit my parents. They spend winters in a charming little town outside of Scottsdale called Cave Creek. It’s an eclectic mix of cowboys, artsy folk, coffee shops, CBD distributors (seriously, they are EVERYWHERE!), golf courses and wine bars. We try to visit once a year. It’s a good opportunity to warm up during a cold (/wet) Alaska winter. 🙂 On our last day we decided a side trip was in order. My mom had been talking about the beautiful red rocks in Sedona. She told us all about the healing crystal shops and magical Sedona Vortexes.

Sedona Red Rocks

At the time, I was dealing with some health issues.  Several doctors visits, unsuccessful antibiotic treatments (and, as it turns out, damaging – please DO NOT let a doctor prescribe you antibiotics without a culture) and days (that turned into months) in pain later… I figured I might as well take advantage of my close proximity to this magical location, and see what healing properties the vortexes had in store. 

Juniper Tree
Some believe that the Sedona vortex causes the twisting of the Juniper trees.

When we arrived in Sedona, you could immediately feel it’s magic.  You drive in and are surrounded by these huge red rocks.  Now, we live in a magical place with some breathtaking views, but this was unlike anything I’d seen.  It was a different kind of magic. 

Sedona Red Rocks

Sedona Red Rocks

The Vortexes are said to enhance prayer, meditation, stress reduction, problem solving, creativity, and can help you heal from a traumatic past.  It is considered to be a “high energy meditation site.”  The belief is that the Earth has increased vibrational energy running through specific spots throughout Sedona (the Vortexes) and that these vibrations help with specific healing practices.  

After talking to a local, we decided to give the Sedona Airport Vortex a try.  He said it was one of the easiest hikes with kids, and offered some pretty spectacular views.  We made it to what we assumed, was the vortex, and decided to stop and take in the magic.

Piper at the vortex

Then we decided to venture a little further on the trail.  The Cathedral Rock Trailhead starts at the Airport Vortex, and is said to be one of the strongest of the Sedona Vortexes.  Unfortunately, the rocks started to get pretty steep and our littlest hiker, while a trooper, made her mom very nervous with her rock climbing skills.  So we didn’t quite make it to that vortex.  But, we did take in some beautiful sights and had a lovely day of hiking. 

After hiking, we ate lunch at the Wildflower Bread Company.  If you are in Sedona and in need of a quick bite, this place is AMAZING.  I had the Roasted Sweet Potato Sandwich and a Wildflower Salad.  OH. MY. GOSH.  So good.  I wish I had a picture of the sandwich – roasted s.p., fig, mozz, arugula, topped with a balsamic glaze and served on a toasted piece of Focaccia.  Bomb.  

Then we set out to find some crystals.  My mom has visited Sedona before, and has a favorite crystal shop-  Spiritstone.  We also discovered the Sedona Crystal Vortex. 

Crystals are known for their healing and cleansing properties.  It is said that they harness the life giving and healing elements of the Earth. I believe there’s also something about the vibrations…?  I’m still learning about all these alternative wellness techniques.  I should also add as a side note – I am not implying that vortexes or crystals have healed me, or that I am foregoing modern medicine for alternative practices.  However, the more I delve into this stuff, the more I find that some (many) of the holistic healing techniques can lead to better overall wellbeing, and perhaps, less need for modern medicine.  I think it’s really all in your mindset.  

But you better believe I was taking a few crystals home with me.  When in Sedona, right?!  My rock obsessed mini also tried to buy the store out.  

As we heading out of town, back to Cave Creek to pack for our flight home to Alaska the next morning, the sun started to set behind the red rocks.  We pulled over, snapped a few pictures, and then hiked a little ways up the hill to watch as the sun slowly hide behind these magical formations.  

Sedona Red Rocks

Sedona Sunset

They say no one leaves Sedona unchanged.  Whether or not you believe in the powers of metaphysical movement, crystals or Earth’s healing properties, I would say Sedona is indeed a life-changing community.  The raw beauty of the landscape, clean air, welcoming towns-people, history, and warm sun are enough to leave feeling recharged and inspired.  

“No matter what paths you take while traveling through life, Sedona is always the scenic route. That’s a journey well worth taking.”

>>With love, from Alaska<<

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