Independence Day – Alaska Style (Picture Post!)

Happy (belated) Independence Day!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!  We certainly enjoyed ourselves!

Ice cream for breakfast!  NBD, we’re celebrating!

Yay America!

The 4th in Alaska is celebrated slightly different than most places.  You see, it doesn’t get dark here until after 10pm.  So the community of Juneau lights off fireworks at midnight on the 3rd (okay, technically the 4th but you get the idea).  It’s always a huge ordeal and the majority of the community is “downtown” watching.  This year however, we had a sad little pup who got fixed on the 3rd and needed his best bud to watch over him.  So we skipped the fireworks and had a sleepover party with Brodie.  I think he was thankful. 🙂

Back to the parade!  The next morning the community of Juneau puts on a pretty fabulous parade.  People go all out with their floats and hand out candy, stickers, sun glasses (thanks auntie Kayla and Britt/ GCI!), and even a toothbrush!  Gotta brush after all that candy ya know!

My best friend’s son taught Piper to salute to the men and women in uniform.  It was pretty precious.  


Took some shots of the “Stand for Salmon” float for all my Naknek people.  Love you Bristol Bay! #nopebble

Alaska Airlines even made an appearance! #iflyAlaska

Ms. Thing and her fancy GCI sunglasses.  And candy of course!

My bestie and her super cute family.  Just missing Yzella (they’re daughter) who was at a fine arts camp in Sitka.  (Someday I’ll have to feature some of her art on here… She is one of the most talented teens I know!)

Best friends for 15 years!  Holy cow, we’re old.

Shaking her booty with the SEAGLA (Southeast Alaska LGBTW+ Alliance).  They always have the BEST music!

After the parade we usually head over to Douglas (the island on the other side of Juneau) for round 2 of the parade, a BBQ and festivities.  They have a bouncy house, dog frisbee, a go-cart race, and other fun family events.  However, this year, for the first year in FOREVER, it was SO HOT!  The temperature hit 80 degrees, which in Alaska feels like a billion (okay, like 90 but it’s flipping hot).

*You can read about why 80 degrees feels hotter in Alaska than the rest of the US here – KTVA- Why Does 80 Degrees Feel Hotter in Alaska.

So we decided to skip the crowds of people (and mounds of additional candy) and head to the beach instead.

Piper had a blast riding the jet skis.

And fishing with Wyatt.

And swimming.

Crazy girl spent hours running out into the ocean, then swimming back in with the waves.  Let me tell you, the air may have been hot but that water was not.  I enjoyed wading in to about my knees.

Piper Swimming

^^Wordpress is being silly and for some reason this video is only showing up as a link.  Sad face.  But here’s a video of her swimming away!  Crazy kid.

We ended the day with hot dogs and short ribs on the grill with the most incredible view and the best of friends.

This place never ceases to amaze me.


>>With love, from Alaska.<<


  1. Audrey G Behrens | 16th Jul 18

    Sounds like great fun. Like you updates. Hope all is well for everyone.

    • ramiecarlson | 17th Jul 18

      Thanks Audrey! Great to hear from you! Hope you had a Happy 4th as well!

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