Home for the Holidays- Part I

There’s just something wonderful about being home.  Growing up, I could not WAIT to leave Juneau.  I was certain I was meant for big city life.  Little did I know, I would wind up in a tiny community that refers to Juneau as the “big city.” 😉

Perhaps it’s the excitement of Christmas, or spending time in my childhood home; perhaps it’s the gorgeous sunshine weather Juneau is currently experiencing, and the fact that we’ve been outside exploring (and playing photographer 😉 a ton.  Maybe it’s the slow pace we allow ourselves – staying in our PJ’s until noon (and not feeling guilty), watching Christmas movies, a book by the fireplace, baking together and my mother’s constant reminder to “keep the spoon in the bowl.”  All of this, in addition to spending time with some of our favorite people, it’s no wonder being home is so wonderful.



Juneau has definitely decided to show off this week.  We could have had rain, or worse, SNAIN (a mix of snow and rain), which would be typical for this region, and time of year.  But instead we have been witness to an entire week of bluebird skies, frosty white trees, snow-covered mountains that reflect the hues of blue sprawled across the sky, and a dusting of snow on the ground that makes everything shimmer.  Plus, the moderate temperatures ranging from 20-30 degrees (I know it sounds cold but it’s actually quite balmy for December in Alaska) have been perfect for outdoor play.



One benefit to having Brodie with us at home for the holidays (by the way – to readers who don’t know me in person – we got a DOG!  His name is Brodie and he is a 5-month old golden retriever.  Blog post to introduce him to follow soon) is that he encourages us out the door for a daily dose of adventure.  Getting outside for a run or hike is now part of the daily routine.  Which has been great, especially considering my running routine fell by the way-side earlier in the year.





Our break thus far has consisted of friends, family, food, running and hiking, and Christmas excitement.  All the makings of a perfect holiday vacation.

So before I sign off, here are some pictures of our trip home so far, and the magic that is a Southeast Alaska winter.

I hope everyone is having a fabulous holiday!


Piper’s preschool sold holiday wreaths as a fundraiser this year.  They turned out beautiful! 


Gingerbread house!  It fell apart shortly after this photo. 

unnamed                                                        Teaching her all about the selfie!


Just enough snow for a pull on the sled while walking Brodie boy.


The view from my parent’s living room.  When they built the house they had an amazing view of the Mendenhall Glacier.  It has since receeded and now we just see the very top.  But the gorgous mountains make up for it. 


‘Stop taking pictures and take me outside mom!’ <3 Brodie


Attempting to get Brodie to pose for a Vikings selfie… Treat bribery was included.


He’s not looking but we’ll call it a success.


Added bonus- THEY WON!


From our family to yours – Happy Holidays!

<3 The Carlson Girls

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