Since we last met…

Okay, let me start by saying I told you I’m not a blogger!  I am fully aware an entire summer has passed without a post but… life!  It is impossible to sum up our 2 1/2 months of summertime adventure in one blog post.  But I will say, it was simply wonderful.  We spent the summer in Juneau at my parent’s house (the same house I grew up in) and it was exactly what I needed to re-charge and re-fresh after a very interesting first year teaching.




We hiked, we camped, we fished, we played on the beach in the rain, we picked berries and harvested veggies, baked and cooked and spent time as much time as humanly possible with those we love most.






And while it rained for a solid month straight, I like to think it made us all appreciate those days when the sun did shine high, just a little more.  Never take anything for granted, right?






Sadly, summer always comes to an end.  But with summer ending, a new adventure began!  This year we decided not to return to Naknek (don’t worry though, I still have a bunch of unshared pictures from Bristol Bay that will eventually be added here).  I was offered a job teaching kindergarten with the Haines School District, accepted, and now we are back in Southeast, just a quick (well… 2-4 hours) ferry ride from home!  We got very lucky and found the perfect house, an amazing preschool, and two incredible women that look after P during the hours when elementary school is in session (so I’m at work) but preschool is not.  We have been here a little over a month now and it has been a wonderful experience.  While it took us a little while to adjust (with lots of requests for our Naknek friends – WE MISS YOU!!! <3), the decision to move here was the right choice and we are looking forward to a year of adventure in Haines!




Here’s to new beginnings. 

<3 Ramie

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